By Rosalia Kapiri MANA

Ten envoys from various countries on Tuesday presented their letters of credence to President Lazarus Chakwera at Kamuzu Palace, in Lilongwe.

In an interview, after presenting his letter, the new High Commissioner of Canada to Malawi Aldler Aristilde said his country is here to build partnership with Malawi and strengthen relations.

The Canada envoy said; “We are interested in furthering Canadian support in the areas of agriculture, health, gender equality and we would like to also bring in investments to enhance trade”.

On his part the new Korean ambassador to Malawi, Park Jae-Kyung said he was looking forward to enhancing what he described as excellent relations between Malawi and the Republic of Korea with the aim of improving the welfare of citizens in the two countries.

“Agriculture, health and education are the priority sectors for the developing cooperation, we will be enhancing the agriculture sector by providing trainings for agricultural programmes and the health sector is not left out as this afternoon we will be handing over medical equipment to Daeyang Luke hospital worth US500 thousand dollars,” said the Korean ambassador.

The envoys have pledged to work towards achieving great potentials for both countries.

Other ambassadors who presented their letters of credence were from France, Sierra Leone, Cyprus among others and all the new envoys will not be resident in Malawi.

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