By Levinson Lester MANA

Minister of Homeland Security, Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma says government will purchase additional 20 printers to help accelerate the printing process of Identity Cards (IDs) in the country.

Min of homeland security right, Ken Zikhale Ng’oma

Speaking at a signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), and National Registration Bureau (NRB), the minister said the procurement of additional printers is being finalised.

“I am in constant touch with NRB to ensure that the off shore printing process and the procurement of additional 20 new printers is finalised within the shortest time possible. I am confident that NRB will better serve Malawian citizens and all stakeholders including MEC,” he said.

The minister further said the problems that NRB face when executing its duties will be taken into consideration so that its service delivery should not be undermined.

In his remarks, MEC chairperson, Justice Chifundo Kachale said the MoU portrays the symbiotic relationship that exists between MEC and NRB in the country.

MEC chair Justice Chifundo Kachale

“The emphasis is to create a framework of cooperation with NRB as a service provider who produces national registration cards which under the current law are the only legitimate form of identification for a prospective voter who wants to register.

“We believe that as a Commission we must work together with our pertinent stakeholders and in this case, NRB to provide a very critical service,” Kachale said.

This MoU is the second of its kind for MEC to sign with NRB, and the first MoU was signed in 2017.

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