By Chisomo Kambandanga MANA

27 upcoming football coaches drawn from around the country have completed their training to attain Football Association of Malawi (FAM) D Local Coaching Licence.

The seven-day training that took place in Nkhata Bay was organised by the National Coaches Association in conjunction with Nkhata Bay Coaches Association and Nkhata Bay District Council.

Speaking at the end of the training on Sunday, MacNerbert Kadzuwa, Vice President of the National Coaches Association, said building the capacity of coaches is important in improving football in Malawi.

“For the beginners, this is the starting point in attaining coaching licence and from here they can progress to CAF C, CAF B and CAF A. We have drilled them in theory and practical coaching, and we expect them to pass with not less than 60 percent for one to get the certificate,” Kadzuwa said.

He, however, bemoaned the absence of female coaches at the training, saying this is bad for the development of women’s football in the country.

On his part, General Secretary for Nkhata Bay Coaches Association, Kumbukani Mwachande, said the training was meant to improve football in their district and the whole country.

“Out of the 27 who have been trained, 13 were from Nkhata Bay and the rest were from other districts. We deliberately opened the door to the whole country because we know that coaches can work everywhere,” he said.

In his remarks, Malawi National Football Team captain John Banda, who plays in Mozambique with UD Songo, urged fellow players to prepare for life after retirement.

“One day we will retire so as players, we have to prepare for the future. Whenever opportunities like this arise, take them up. We should not wait until we retire. We can still do it while playing,” Banda said.

District Sports Officer for Nkhata Bay, Ellen Ngwala, called on women to join football coaching in order to develop women’s football in Malawi.

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