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Four more wanted genocide suspects have been apprehended in Malawi and will soon be repatriated back to their country, Rwanda.

This comes a day after local authorities sent to Rwanda another warlord and genocide fugitive identified as Theoneste Niyongira.

Rwanda’s National Public Prosecution Authority spokesperson, Nkusi Faustin has since applauded Malawi authorities for collaborating with them in an effort to end impunity.

On Tuesday, Homeland Security Minister, Ken Zikhale Ng’oma declined to share details of the four arrested warlords that have reportedly been hiding in the country.

“They are yet to be deported so we can’t mention their names now since it is a security matter,” said the minister.

Initially, Ng’oma disclosed they had received a request from Rwandan authorities to repatriate 55 genocide suspects wanted in their country.

Meanwhile, Malawi, with assistance from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees is tommorow, Wednesday, set to repatriate 40 Burundian nationals back home.

In the past weeks, government has been implementing forced relocation of refugees and asylum seekers to the highly congested Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa.

Authorities believe this is also a mechanism to flush out some criminals hiding in the country’s cities and towns.

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