By Lissa Kadango in New York City MANA

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera says this year’s United Nations General Assembly high level conference provides solution to some of the global challenges the world is facing.

He said this at the high level 78th UN deliberative Conference in New York.

Chakwera appealed to world leaders and International institutions to match their words with action by assisting the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), saying these countries require urgent special help if they are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

He said: “Amidst the emerging challenges, such as conflicts, natural disasters, rising cost of living and pandemics people need solutions, hence the need for partners to come up with financial interventions to uplift the struggling countries.

“I call upon donor partners to consider cancelling debts owed by struggling economies as they are stumbling blocks to progress”.

He commended various international institutions for providing support to Malawi and urged those who promised to support the country in different sectors to honour their pledges so that Malawi can meet its development goals.

“The outcome of various bilateral discussions I had with world leaders and heads of institutions cements the confidence development partners have for Malawi towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Chakwera.

The Malawi Head of State assured Malawians that it was particularly important for Malawi to participate in the deliberative meetings as there were more follow ups on a number of issues which will start bearing fruits soon.

The 78th UN High Level Deliberative Conference started on a high note with a call from the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres for the UN member states to work together in building a better world for everyone.

Malawi Representative to the UN Ambassador Dr Agnes Chimbiri Molande said President Lazarus Chakwera’s participation to the UN General Assembly Conference was a welcome development to garner financial support towards post cyclone Freddy survivors as well as finding solutions to the challenges nations are facing including Malawi.

Molande said the commitments donor partners and international financial institutions made will be seriously followed up to make sure they materialise.

She disclosed that Malawi has benefitted a lot from the just ended UN Conference as it has amassed huge sums of money and investments as numerous donors and investors continue to pledge more support.

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