By Cyrus Bengo

With the advent of social media streaming platforms especially Tick-tock, Malawian musicians and fans have never had it this good. The Malawian music has increasingly become famous export in Africa

Moses Makawa’s single truck,Boshi markes his significant achievements in the Malawian music scene appealed to groovy and Amapiano music lovers. His new project is bound to breach the previous benchmark he had set, it has garnered him international fanbase. Boshi is enjoying plays in the public places in Namibia while they sing along, bodza! Kuba uku!

In this truck, Makawa paint in words the villains who sells doom to people on hoax that they will get rich overnight if they buy a quak remedy from them. ” Waika izi ndani? Waika Sendawana ndani?, Ili ndi bodza! kuba uku! Ili ndi bodza! Bosh!. However, the diversity and consistency in his output cannot go unnoticeable, Makawa still tells a story of wizards and supernatural beliefs.

With a high Amapiano beat produced by Drue at GB studio the truck brings in a club banger. Ili ndi bodza ati amakudza chida cha abambo , boza! Kuba uku ! Ndati ili ndi bodza! Boshi ! Asing’anga a town sadziwa kanthu amangonama kuti ubwere mawa lili boza akuzachita nawe zachisembwere

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After he thought his career might be over, amid succession of personal setbacks , instead of calling it quit Makawa found inspiration that led to Boshi.

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