By Cyrus Bengo

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This is a grim situation and a dangerous tendency that is diametrically  antithetical to order and a workable society. 

IT is really concerning that the Lilongwe city is inexorably slipping into lawlessness. In the process, many residents appear to be rapidly losing their humanity judging by the utter disregard for the sanctity of human life that  is fast gaining traction in the country. For sundry reasons verging on the pecuniary or economic; revenge,  plain cruelty and so on, citizens seem to have become used to inflicting pain and  killing one another without bating an eyelid. It is really distressing. 

A woman, who was reported missing a day before yesterday in Lilongwe, was found dead this yesterday at a place near Mchinji round about along the Kaunda road.Agnes Katengeza, who was one of the Reserve Bank managers, and ICT specialist went missing on Saturday after she left her house in Area 49 to sell merchandise, but she did not return home.


Lilongwe Police Spokesperson Hastings Chigalu has confirmed that police have found the body of the woman but they are still investigating the incident.

It is confounding to observe how some Lilongweans who grew up knowing the virtues of being their brother’s keepers capriciously degenerated to the level where they do not only take the laws into their own hands but also have no second thoughts about inflicting pain on and doing incalculable harm to others. 

Could it be that the import has been lost on such Lilongwe society runs on the basis of shared values and rules, with everyone enjoined to abide by the rules to make for order and good living? Why should they operate based on their own whims and act without societal  rules even to the extent of depriving others of their lives unjustly and in a bestial fashion? This is a grim situation and a dangerous tendency that is diametrically  antithetical to order and a workable society. 

While the office of the citizen has a role to play in reining in this pernicious proclivity, the government must take the lead in arresting the inexorable descent into impunity that has the potential to render the society totally lawless and dysfunctional.

It is important to reiterate that the society stands no chance of attaining its cherished goal of maintaining and guaranteeing peace and order if wilful and flagrant disregard of decency, societal laws, rules and regulations are officially condoned, wittingly or unwittingly. On this score, we urge the security agencies to ensure the apprehension of Witika and Katengedza masterminders.


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