By Chisomo Phiri

Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi ( WESM) in collaboration with Four Seasons and Nursery will from 5 to 7 May,2023 hold an event called ‘ Art in the Park’ at Four Seasons and Nursery premises in Lilongwe.

The event is a platform for artists in Malawi to exhibit and showcase their artworks.

Apart from artworks exhibition, the event will also be spiced up by several musics from various local artists as well as workshops.

A visual artist and a curator Jimmy Malinga who is part of the event organizers said in an interview that the event will be graced by Minister of Local Government, Unity and Culture Richard Chimwendo Banda who will be a guest of honour.

Said Malinga:” People in general are welcomed to this event.We have also invited ambassadors, expatriates and other government officials.

“It will be a nice event and We thank the government and various people for facilitating the event.”

He called on government and other interested stakeholders to continue giving more support towards art sector for the country’s economic growth.


“We are calling on the government and other interested stakeholders to keep on supporting artists in this country and open many opportunities for the local artists.

“Everyday, art is growing in Malawi. There is a fraction of people out there who doubt art in this space.Please come and appreciate art not only as a commodity but as an investment,” he said.

Malawian art often depicts people, animals, everyday village life and dances, and can be found everywhere from the oldest rock paintings to traditional wood carvings.

In recent years, there has also been a growing appreciation of painting as well as digital art, especially among young people.

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