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One of the country’s fast-rising authors Ulemu Tandaude has published her second book tiled ‘ Living and Becoming’.

The new book is after ‘The Journey to Forever’, a love and relationships book that she released in 2021.

In an interview, the author said ‘Living and Becoming’ is a Christian inspirational book that focuses much on how people can overcome the inevitable challenges of life without losing the sense of purpose or reason.

“This is a very nice book and I urge everyone to fall in love with it if they are to be encouraged in whatsoever they do,” she said.

She said last year, she was diagnosed with post traumatic disorder which prompted the release of her new book.

“Last year, I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Disorder. I had every reason to give up but there were series of events that happened inside of this moment as a whole; the prayers, the counselling, the friendships and family and above all the presence of God, all reminded me that I am not everything that went wrong but I am defined by something more,” said the female author.

Asked on how one can access the new book, the author said :”For now, we have contact people in Blantyre and Mzuzu and we send it to those in Lilongwe. Anyone who needs it can just contact any of the following contacts

0997177955 Ulemu Tandaude
+265 992 64 10 81 Emelda Kumwenda
+265 884 72 13 27 Chiyamiko Chiusiwa.”

She further urged the government to always acknowledge the diverse groups of arts in the country if it is to uplift the writing industry at international level.

“I think in Malawi, writing is one of the arts that have not yet been embraced. Many people who started writing gave up on the way because it is not really motivating and it is very difficult to get your book out there or to have it published. So we want government to look at these challenges writers face if our writing industry is to grow,” she said.

The author concluded by encouraging fellow authors to always work and never allow their dreams die immature.

” It is not an easy thing being a writer in Malawi. Many have not embraced reading yet and a diversity of art, so the focus should not first be the feedback or what but the first thing should be why you are doing what you are doing,” she urged.

Apart from being an author, Ulemu Tandaude is also an academician.

She Studied Bachelors of Education, majoring in Chemistry and Biology at Mzuzu University.

She is only a daughter in a family of five.

As a born again Christian, she is a member of Fountain of Victory Church and currently resides in the Malawi’s green city of Mzuzu.

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