By Moses Nyirenda MANA

Spouse to the Vice President, Madam Mary Chilima has advised women in the country to embrace praying if they are to succeed in life.

Marry Chilima center on a red chair

Speaking at Dawa prayers organised by At-Tariqatul Qadiria Sunn Association (AQSA) Women Dawa Group at Kaliyeka School Ground in Lilongwe on Saturday, Chilima said prayer is critical in the life of women.

She said women should also help their children to grow in a Godly way as many children nowadays are exposed to nasty things because of technology advancement.

Marry speaking at Dawa prayers

“We are living in a world where children are exposed to a lot of unsavory things, especially at a younger age, and this affects their psych and how they perceive the world.

“Therefore, as women, it is very important that we show our children the way of life that is God-lead and by doing so we will help them avoid the pitfalls that come with exposure to unsavory matters,” she said.

Muslim women at Dawa prayers

Madam Chilima advised women to be productive by, among other things, venturing into small scale businesses in order for them to be able to help their husbands, families as well as communities.

AQSA Women Dawa Group President, Alhajja Sakina Pongolani Nanyumba thanked the country’s second lady for attending the Dawa prayers.

She said as Muslim women they will make sure that all the pieces of advice they have been told are put to use.

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