By Tabbu Kauye

Most Reverend Archbishop of Lilongwe Diocese, Desmond Tambala has called on leadership for St Padre Pio Gulliver Parish to be transparent in running the affairs of the church.

He made the call Saturday in Lilongwe, when he inaugurated St Padre Pio Gulliver Parish in Area 49, which was under St Andrea Kaggwa Parish.

Bishop Tambala said transparency is one of the fundamental values of the Catholic Church, hence the need for the leaders to strive at doing everything in the open.

“When we say there should be transparency in the Parishes, we are not talking about finances only, but all affairs of church and everything else that the church does.There is also need to be accountable in what we do, because if we don’t then we are not being truthful to the gospel,” he added.

The Bishop called for continued unity and long lasting relations between the inaugurated Parish and St Andrew Kaggwa Parish and other surrounding Parishes.

Saint Padre Pio Parish Church Council Chairman, Alex Chisathi expressed gratitude for the inaugurated Parish, saying it was a dream comes true, as Christians had been waiting for a long time.

He assured that Saint Padre Pio Parish would serve its intended purpose of bringing salvation and fulfilment of all church sacraments.

St Padre Pio Parish, launch brought together Catholics from various Parishes in and outside Lilongwe, Vice President, Dr. Saulos Chilima graced the inauguration.

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