By Andrew Mwanandiye Tembo

Blantyre city council has revealed its plans for Urban Structure Plan(USP)to the nation for the next 15 years,after the current one expired in 2015.

The plan comes as the fulfillment of what Blantyre city council had in plan under the initiative “Bringing the city back to people” as highlighted and acquired from the past annual Blantyre city summit held in the city on 22 February 2023,where the need was spotted out by the concerned stakeholders as well.

Speaking during a media briefing on the plan in Blantyre on Tuesday,Director of Planning and Estates Services,Costly Chanza said Blantyre city council together with Ministry of Water and Sanitation have currently completed the procurements for new USP to guide the plan.

Chanza said”Blantyre city council together with Ministry of Sanitation completed the procurement process to guide spatial development over the next 15 years”.

He further said that the city council has currently hired a Namibian company Gk Works consulting/urban Dynamics to work with the city’s technical team leaders on Engineering to explore availability and sources of data requirements for the project.

In his remarks, a representative of GK works consulting company,engineer George Kajanga said ,once the data is fully available the work will commence as soon as possible and the city will look of a high standard ,as congestion will reduce within the apartments.

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