By Lester Nyali MANA

An international organisation change for us (C4U) has emphasised the need for the youths to be used as agents of change to bring about transformation in Thyolo district.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Thursday Executive Director for C4U Kondwani Mwendo said many youths do not know the various local governance systems and structures as well as their roles and responsibilities.

He said Malawi has a youthful population of over 65 percent, with young people within the age ranges of 15 – 35 years constituting the majority of the population but it is evident that the participation of young people in local governance is a challenge in Thyolo as is the case in other districts nationwide.

He added that lack of information about governance issues, Poor reception from health care workers, rejection of youth ideologies, leaders choosing well-to-do youths were the identified issues minimising youth participation in Thyolo.

Mwendo also explained that lack of confidence means that even when youths attend governance meetings, they are only spectators and do not contribute.

Commenting on the same, one of the youths from Thyolo district Chikondi Masamba said there is a great need for youth sensitisation on their role in their respective communities.

He concluded by motivating young people to become more active as they are the future leaders.

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