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Center for Democracy Watch (CEDWAT) has expressed disappointment to Ministry Finance through the Treasury for deliberately delayed the Former minister Uladi Mussa’s and other two convicts David Kwanjana and Peter katsasya appeal case.

In a press statement released by CEDWAT titled ( Political Wishful Hunting on Dr Uladi Mussa’s appeal case by ministry of Finance through Treasury) signed by its National Coordinator Levy Luwemba and Publicity Secretary Hebrew Misomali says the Ministry of Finance three times has failed to fund the Supreme Court of appeal not hear the appeal case for Mussa in particular and other two complainants in general in the northern and central region respectively.

The statement says the Supreme Court of Appeal officially released a schedule of appeal case of Mussa and others to hear their appeal case in Lilongwe on 25th August 2022 but the hearing did not take place due to insufficient funding by the Ministry of Finance.

“Another hearing date of the appeal case was in 8th December 2022 but the Supreme Court of Appeal failed again to hear the case due to lack of funding to the Supreme Court of Appeal by the Ministry of Finance” reads part of the statement.

The statement further says worse still the Treasury deliberately failed to fund the Supreme Court of Appeal for the 3rd inorder to hear the case of Mussa, Kwanjana, and Katsasya on the 7th of March 2023 saying is uncalled for non-Democratic as well as major signs of bad governance and lack of rule law on the part of the executive branch.

“This being the case, CEDWAT is strongly asking the minister of Finance Sosten Gwengwe to fund the dedicated Supreme Court of appeal within 14 days for this political case of Mussa to be heard in Lilongwe for justice and rule of law to present as justice delays is justice denied.

” Mussa, Kwanjana, and Katsasya have got natural rights for appeal case to be heard in Lilongwe by the Supreme Court of appeal, Malawi belongs to all of us and we all deserve equal rights” reads part of the statement.

The statement laments that CEDWAT strongly views the failure of the Supreme Court of appeal to hear the case of Mussa as political wishful hunting by the government as there is no way the whole government machinery can fail to provide funding for the allowances and fuel to eleven justices to travel from Blantyre to Lilongwe to hear the case which is impossible and unheard saying as CEDWAT never believe this and it must stop.

The statement adds by appealing to the state President to consider releasing prisoners on parole during the holy month of Ramadan as it is done during the other Christian festive season.

Uladi Mussa who also served as a minister in the Peoples Party (PP) and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regimes was sentenced to six years in prison in 2020 by the High Court after being found guilty of providing Malawi passports to foreigners in 2014.

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