By Moses Nyirenda MANA

Centenary Bank Limited formerly known as MyBucks Banking Corporation has donated K5 million to the Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Malawi (AOGM) to assist pregnant women who have lost their homes and medical records due to cyclone Freddy.

Speaking on the sidelines of the handover ceremony of the donation which was held on Monday in Blantyre, Centenary Bank Limited Head of Retail and SME Banking, Mayamiko Kalizang’oma said that his bank decided to focus on pregnant women in order to help in protecting the unborn babies among other things.

He said that as Centenary Bank Limited they understand that many pregnant women have lost everything and may need support to have basic items to prepare for the birth of their children hence the donated funds would assist them to buy the basic items.

Receiving the donation, AOGM Head of Department, Dr. Luis Gadama expressed his gratitude for the donation.

Gadama hoped that more organizations will follow Centenary Bank’s lead in focusing on often overlooked segments of the population when providing relief efforts.

He said over the past week AOGM had provided antenatal care services to 165 pregnant women affected by cyclone Freddy, observing the donation from would help support more expectant mothers hit by cyclone.

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