By Andrew Mwanandiye Tembo

CEWOGE donating assorted items

In a quest to complement the government’s efforts in saving girls’ lives ,the Centre for Women and Girls Empowerment (CEWOGE) has disclosed plans to build a Life refreshing Centre for girls in Blantyre.

CEWOGE Executive Director ( ED) Carol Matale disclosed the development on Saturday during a donation of some relief items of over K500,000 to 600 Tropical
Cyclone Freddy household survivors who are camping at Manja Primary School in Blantyre south West, Senior chief Kapeni’s area.

CEWOGE executive director Carol Matale

Matale said that a lot of girls are facing numerous challenges that are hindering them from accessing vast opportunities. She cited the right to education as an example.

Matale said the plan to build the girls initiative centre ,in the city will go along way in assisting them to get some information regarding their future.

On her part ,Mercy Tabu one of the cyclone Freddy survivors in Manja said the donation of relief items which included basin,buckets and clothes will ease some of the challenges that they are facing at the camp.

Among girls present at the camp is a teenage girl who lost all the family members during the cyclone Freddy strike.

The girl commended CEWOGE for their gesture to comfort them at the camp.

CEWOGE is an organization that promotes women and girls to go for early Cervical Cancer Screening in different hospitals.

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