By Judgement Katika

Father James Ngahy, CFSC director.

Centre For Social Concern has challenged members of parliament MPs to consider inclusive budget during forth coming 2023-2024 national budget to stimulate social and economic growth of the country.

Speaking at a media briefing on Monday in Lilongwe CFSC Executive director Father James Ngahy said they hope for the budget that will be true and realistic for the citizens of Malawi, which most of them are living in absolute poverty.

He further said that their proposal of the forthcoming budget is aiming at a path-finding possibility of raising the living standard of the citizens.

“It is our hope that this budget will address the social and economic challenges we are facing such as high cost of living, food insecurity, limited access to essential services including water and sanitation that is hindering the fight against Cholera just to mention a few and this budget should be of the Progressive vision and not simply busi
ness as usual.

” the standard of living should not continue to be the same as it was in the last financial budget, we need to see a difference and we need to learn from the past and we must forward not backwards”.

Ngahy spur on the spirit of exposing the plight of the poor and with the realisation that the average person is struggling to afford even the most basic monthly commodities.

He also said the national budget must be designed to set Malawi on the trajectory towards the achievement of the nation’s aspirations towards 2063, and must accelerate implementation towards wealth creation, job creation and food security.

He added that with increased corruption Malawi remain on of the poorest countries and all sectors of the economy suffer from widespread of corruption. Members of parliament must empower citizens to demand for transparency and accountability in line with the revised public finance management act saying transparency and accountability must be promoted from the office of President to government officials on how is being spent on external trips.

The CFSC proposal has come when the Minister of finance is expected to present 2023-2024 National budget in the Parliament session

The CFSC is faith-based organisation founded in 2022 with the aim of promotes research and action on social issues linking Christian faith and social justice and transforming the unjust structure in Malawian Society through research and advocacy to ensure sustained change in policies for the betterment of all in line with their human dignity.

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