By Andrew Mkonda MANA

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has applauded the Japanese Government, and other development partners, for their commitment in assisting the country in its development agenda especially on infrastructure.

Chawera was speaking on Wednesday at Chinsapo Ground during a development rally he addressed after inspecting the construction of the K37 billion Lilongwe Bridge and the construction of 99 houses for immigration officers.

The 99 houses, which are expected to be completed by 31st June, 2024, will accommodate both junior and senior officers.

President Chakwera said Japan has been assisting the country on a number of developments ranging from education, energy, transport and health, among others.

“My special thanks goes to the government and the people of Japan for the good work they have done in supporting us to rehabilitate the section of the M1 Road. This is not the only project that Malawi and Japan are working together.

“We have projects in energy and education. I love the way the Government of Japan is rendering its support to our country. They do not make noise or blow their own trumpet, because they know doing so is like criticising a furniture where you have been invited as a guest,” he said.

Chakwera said once completed, the roads construction in different parts of the country, will enhance both local and international markets thereby leading to wealth creation and reduce poverty among the people.

Japanese Ambassador to Malawi, Yoichi Oya, said Government of Japan will continue assisting Malawi in its development agenda aimed at improving people’s living standards.

Oya said Japan believes that once completed, Lilongwe Bridge will create new trade opportunities with neighbouring countries such as Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique.

“If Malawi can have good infrastructure development, it will be a key to social economic growth,” he said.

The construction of the Lilongwe Bridge, which also involves expansion of the M1 Road to dual carriage-way, is being funded by a grant from Japanese Government.

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