By Fostina Mkandawire MANA

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has underscored the importance of equipping military officers with necessary skills that will enable them provide maximum security to the country in times of emergencies.

The President made the remarks on Friday, at the Malawi Defence Force Command and Staff College in Salima district, when he presided over graduation ceremony of the second cohort of senior military officers, who have completed a 46 weeks training in different strategic military courses.

Chakwera who is also Commander in Chief of the Malawi Defence Force said having a strong army with high moral values will guarantee the country’s national security, he therefore advised them to put what they have learnt to good use.

“You should follow orders from your leadership, lead those behind you with diligence and do not be power hungry, stop chasing heroism rather you should be noble and avoid being exploited by others,” he said.

The president commended the graduating students for persevering extensive studies and being disciplined until graduation.

He advised them to uphold the values of the college by serving their respective countries well and showing high moral and ethical standards.

Commandant of the Malawi Defence Force Command and Staff College, Brigadier General Luke Mwetseni Yetala, disclosed that they have reviewed their curriculum with an aim of aligning it with the Southern African curriculum in military training.

He said for the last 46 weeks the students underwent rigorous and thought provoking studies that have equipped them with complex security problem solving and decision making skills, adding that the training calls for total discipline citing an example of two officers who were expelled for failing to adhere to the values of the college.

The high level trainings drew military officers from Zambia, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, and hosts Malawi.

The college trains officers from the ranks of major, lieutenant Colonel and full colonel in security services, before the college was in operation, officers were being trained outside the country.

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