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President Dr Lazarus Chakwera says climate change has greatly impacted poor economies such as Malawi with various natural disasters hence the need for collective efforts in addressing such impacts.

President Chakwera

He made the remarks Saturday at Makanjira Community Ground in Mangochi when he cheered people affected by Tropical Cyclone Freddy in the district.

The President acknowledged effects of Tropical Cyclone Freddy in most parts of the Southern Region, including Mangochi, saying humanitarian assistance has delayed in reaching those areas due to bad road conditions.

Chakwera told the people that before the cyclone struck, government was already planning to improve road network in Makanjira but the plans will be affected due to the impact of the cyclone as the country is, currently, focused on providing humanitarian assistance.

He has assured the people of Namavi, Makanjira and Lulanga of government’s obligation to reach them with humanitarian assistance with speed.

Senior Chief Makanjira asked government and other humanitarian agents as well as people and organisations of goodwill to assist the affected population with food and other basic needs.

He also called on government to respond to the lean period with food saying people in Makanjira and Lulanga, who have been cut off after the cyclone rendered the areas impassable, are food insecure due to unfavourable weather conditions.

Apart from Makanjira, President Chakwera visited Malombe to appreciate the impact of the cyclone.

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