By Yamikani Yapuwa MANA

President Lazarus Chakwera has said his administration will always prioritise increasing Malawi’s productivity through promotion of commercialisation, industrialisation and urbanisation, which he said is key to achieving job and wealth creation and food security.

Chakwera said this on Wednesday at Chichiri Trade Fair Grounds in Blantyre where he officially opened the 33rd Malawi International Trade Fair.

He said the country needs to focus on productivity as one way of recovering from economic hardships from Covid 19, cyclones as well as conflict in Eastern Europe.

The President said that all these have had an enormous toll on economic productivity and it is even witnessed by the reduced numbers of exhibitors at this year’s Trade Fair.

In his remarks, President of the Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Lekani Katandula, said there is need for the country to view environmental governance glitches as economic problems.

Katandula said that while it is true that external shocks are at play in Malawi, it appears that the country is unprepared for some of them at its (the country’s) own peril, adding that the recent cyclone’s damage was predictable and partially avoidable.

He added that government should enforce the rule of law and quickly enforce the provisions of construction laws and regulations where infringements of any sort are noted.

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