By Judgement Katika

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of parliament for Mulanje South West,Dr George Chaponda has criticise the tonse led government for cancelling the
extended credit facility (ECF) which was established by the DPP government together with the International monitory fund (IMF).

Chaponda says the councellation was not asked by the IMF but it was the tonse led government who requested the cancellation
it has taken from 2020 to 2023 to restate the same in this year’s agreement.

Dr George Chaponda

Speaking in an mid year budget contribution on Tuesday in parliament chaponda said it was not necessary to cancel the ECF because at the time they were asking for it, the economy was left stable by the government of Peter Muntharika .

He said,”the inflation rate was at 7.4 percent, now as you know is at 30 percent, the rate was at 4 trillion and now is at 12 trillion” in three years

In his sentiments , he said the maize prices were at around fifteen thousand kwacha but now is at forty three to forty five thousand kwacha , and the price of fuel was MK750 per liter and now MK2500, economy in Malawi was growing, the Gross Domestic Products (GDP) was going at fast rate during the DPP government.

He said in this tonse led government , things are not working, the government is exposed to many things, corruption featured and all the bad excessive travels which made them delay the restatement.

Apart from that , he said devaluation has gone higher from twenty five percent to forty four percent which has made Malawi to become a poorest of poor countries.

He said that people in his constituency can not afford to buy maize since the bag of maize is at forty three thousand kwacha or forty five and on the civil servants , their salaries are low compared to the taxes they are deducted , the 10 percent which has been included in this mid year’s budget review will not help for a person to survive.

Chaponda added that the Tonse government is full of talking but implementation is zero, whatever they say is full of lies.

In his sentiments Malawi Congress
Party secretary general who is also a member of parliament for Lilongwe Mpenu said he touched the issue of expanding basket which is talking about expanding Malawi’s export basket which comprise of good services and neighbor export

He said that president has signed a deal with Israel to export young people up to the age of thirty five to go and work in farms in Israel .

“We are talking about five thousand youth that are planned to go to Israel to work with possibility to expand this figure to around ten thousand negotiation are still in progression”, He said.

He added that through exporting youth to Israel, the country is going to have direct dollar injection ,amounting to 90 million dollars, since the youth will open their account here in Malawi and their salaries will be coming in dollars.

The leslators are contributing the ideas on the mid year budget review which finance minister Simplex Chithyola Banda presented in the house amounting K4.3 trillion supplementary budget

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