By Judgement Katika

Aspirants Member of Parliament for Lilongwe south east Constituency Josephy Chasweka on Sunday donates footballs to the youths at Chilinde primary school ground in Lilongwe.

Speaking during the ceremony Chasweka said there are many youths who are just idle doing nothing and most of them they go drinking everyday.

He said:” so as an aspirant MP I thought it wise that I should engage these youths to do some activities, so my donation of balls is to keep them busy so that they can altleast concentrate on something positive other than living on destructive life so that was the whole idea of the donation.”

Chasweka said he is prepared to go to Parliament to represent the people of the Constituency inorder to scale some of the development projects that has been stagnant and also to improve the livelihoods of the youths,elderly and the people with disabilities.

He added that there are so many things which he would like to improve which other people have not done it accordingly and he will take over from what they have done to improve livelihoods of the people around the Constituency.

On his remarks Ambassadors football club captain Noel Banda praise the aspirants for the donation saying it strengthen their team and many youths will join them.

On his part Chilinde two area block leader James Batani hailed the aspirants for empowering the youth through sports which will prevent them to indulge in risky behaviours.

Chasweka donates the footballs to youths from Ambassadors, Tigwirane Manja, and Chilinde Warriors football club.

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