By Chisomo Phiri

A Central Medical Stores Trust (CMST) Security Liaison Assistant David Mwawa Chingola has released a new album titled’ Jimani’ .

Chingola who is also an Ex – Malawi Defense Force(MDF) soldier said in an interview that ‘Jimani’ album seeks to preach about positive benefits of Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ as well as the love of God.

He said the album has ten songs such as Kondwani, Confessions,Ndifuna,Glory for me and Jimani (a title) among others.

The country’s fast-rising Afro Jazz singer said the love of Christ and the music talent that has been in him for over 26 years now are what motivated him to drop the album.

When asked to comment on how music industry is performing in Malawi, Chingola said: “Music in Malawi is heading to the greater heights and exploits

“We have good musicians and Singers as well as Producers.COSOMA is doing well nowadays evidenced by the fact that there is now what we call auto tracking of any song played on Radio or TV.

“We need just keep exploring more in music since we are in a digital world and everything changes daily.

“And most of all, musicians must now learn how to read Music in staff notation and stay long in studio in order to come up with mature music coz the music market is not that easy to pernetrate.”

The musician who is inspired by Malawi’s gospel musicians Lloyd Phiri and the late Wambali Mkandawire appealed to the government to introduce Music as a subject from primary level to tertiary level as well as making sure that Ministry which looks after musicians is well bankrolled with enough money for music competitions and others activities that can develop music in the country.

Chingola started singing in 1996 when he was in standard eight.

Apart from being a musician, he also plays guitar and have had stint with Mulangeni Sounds and the Malawi Army Strings Bravo for Kamuzu Barracks in Lilongwe.

His ‘Jimani’ album has been produced by Thatcher Ng’oma who once been Wambali’s lead guitarist.Voices and Saxophone were recoderd by Right kanyama Dream Music studios owned by Right Kanyama, and Saxophone was played by Warrant Officer Class two Bakili Makuwira who is a soldier and plays in a Military Band at Kamuzu Barracks.

The album can be accessed on malawi music.com or by contacting him on 0996 093 439.

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