By Moses Nyirenda MANA

Civil Society Organization on Climate Change (CISONEC) has said that media is critical in raising messages regarding climate change impacts.

Speaking on the sidelines of the loss and damage sensitization workshop which CISONEC organized for its stakeholders including members of the media on Friday at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe, CISONEC National Coordinator, Julius Ng’oma said the media need to raise awareness about climate change impacts especially the loss and damage that occurs due to natural disasters which rise as a result of climate change.

Julius Ng’oma CISONET

Asked about what prompted the engagement of the media in sensitization workshop about loss and damage, Ng’oma said that there was a need for members of the media to have more knowledge about the climate change impacts particularly the loss and damage hence the sensitization workshop.

He said that if the media have enough knowledge concerning loss and damage it would help them to be good advocate when it comes to calling developed countries to do something about the issue of loss and damage especially by providing financial support towards assessment of loss and damages caused by climate change impacts.

Speaking after the sensitization workshop, Malawi News Agency (Mana) Deputy Managing Editor, Tione Andsen hailed CISONEC for engaging the media on addressing climate change Impact issues mainly the loss and damage.

Tione Andsen deputy managing editor MANA

“Sometimes as members of the media, we do have less knowledge of what to report, for this reason we are grateful to CISONEC for sensitizing us on issues concerning climate change impacts especially the loss and damage this will help us write good stories relating to loss and damage,” he noted.

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