By Sarah Munthali

The Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda has said the adverse effects of climate change are increasingly impacting, not only the environment but also the health and well-being of communities.

She made the remarks in Lilongwe Tuesday, when she opened a regional workshop on health for delegates from Africa, Europe and organisations dealing with climate change and health aimed at uniting diverse African stakeholders to drive policy changes and build resilient health systems.

Chiponda said that African countries should unite if the issue of climate change impacts on health is to be addressed.

“Let us have a common position as Africa, all of you are pushing the 2063 agenda which is being championed by African Union and all of us are striving that by 2063 we need to move from where we are and be more productive and more resilient,” the Minister said.

She then called for financial partners to provide additional funding opportunities for sustaining climate and health research and actions in the African Region.

Amref Health Africa Group Director for Partnership and External Affairs, Desta Lakew said as Amref Health Africa they are committed in addressing the impacts of climate change on health.

“With partners such as; PACJA, World Health Organisation, Ministries of Health and the government officials we are committed to work with Africa to negotiate and come up with a common position in addressing the impacts of climate change on health,” Lakew said.

She added that, as an organization, they also ensure that they assist in presenting the Africa’s common position on the issue of mitigating the impact of climate change on health to forums that will help to bring solutions to challenges affecting the Africa’s health sector due to climate change.

A representative of the World Health Organisation in Malawi, Ishmael Nyasulu said the organisation is committed to supporting countries towards building climate resilient and carbon health systems by supporting health community engagement in the climate change forums.

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