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A group of concerned Rwandans in Malawi has warned Malawian authorities to tread carefully and use a higher degree of wisdom to discover the real motive why the Rwandan government is still hunting for its citizens that fled their native country for security reasons.

It denounces all the demands by the Rwandan authorities to Malawi; describing them as baseless; claiming it is a plot to eliminate those refugees they see as potential enemies because they don’t share their terrorism ideology.

“It is to cause fear in the rest as a massage that they have no where to hide. More importantly, to continually cause havoc inorder for the host nation to take their privileges. We have been living peacefully with our Malawian friends until the dawn of the RFP Inkonanyi in SADC region,” says the group in a statement.

The group’s sentiments come days after Homeland Security Minister Ken Zikhale Ng’oma told journalists in Lilongwe that they had received a request from the Rwandan government to send back 55 wanted refugees currently staying in Malawi.

“We recommend that the Malawi government should use extra caution in dealing with these terrorists in the name of a legitimate government in Kigali.

“We did not flee our country, we fled from RFP Inkonanyi because until today, they act as if they are still rebels and still in the forest,” adds the statement.

Local authorities have not commented on the group’s assertions and recommendations.

On Wednesday, the High Court in Lilongwe stopped the Malawi government from revoking citizenship of 396 Burundians and Rwandans pending judicial review of the matter.

Ng’oma earlier said the revocation was aimed at flushing out criminals from other countries, including Rwandan genocide suspects.

“Having managed to get one sample of what is happening in South Africa in regard to our passports, we believe that some people are using false identities in Malawi. As such, as I am talking, Malawi government, we are in talks with Burundi and Rwanda in regard to those people we want to repatriate,” said Ng’oma

But critics say the program is too broad and will ensnare legitimate refugees. In fact, the move has attracted the wrath of both local and international human rights groups who argue Malawian authorities are being inconsiderate on how they are treating these foreign nationals some of whole attained the country’s citizenship.

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