By Kumbukani Kondowe MANA

Minister of Natural Resources and Climate Change Michael Usi has said the COP28 to take place in Dubai will present a pivotal platform for Malawi to engage with world leaders on how to address the pressing challenges posed by climate change.

Usi said this during a press briefing his Ministry organised to brief the media on his delegated trip to COP28 in Dubai where he will represent President Lazarus Chakwera, as well as be the leader of delegation.

Said Usi: “COP28 Dubai will give us a platform to collectively chart a course of action towards a sustainable and resilient future.”

“Our presence at this summit is not merely symbolic, it is also an opportunity for Malawi to actively contribute to the global discourse on climate action.”

He further said Malawi acknowledges the global nature of climate change, hence the need for collective and inclusive response to issues of climate change.

He added that Malawi will therefore play a part to contribute towards formulation of policies and work towards consensus building to ensure that the outcomes of COP28 reflect the shared responsibility of all nations.

“Our delegation will engage in constructive dialogues, share our experiences and seek collaboration with other nations to enhance our adaptive capacities,” Usi said.

Malawi’s priority areas of discussion at COP28 include climate finance, loss and damage, building adaptation and resilience, agriculture, food security and nutrition, among others.

COP28 is a gathering of representatives from different countries who agree to take actions of tackling the climate crisis and Malawi is a party to that.
This year’s event will take place from November 30 to December 12.

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