By Osman Moyo

Ward Councillor for Nkhata Bay Boma, Cyria Adamana, has asked the Ministry of Transport and Public Works through Marine Department to suspend docking of ships at Nkhata Bay Jetty as water is currently overflowing onto the surface of the docking facility.

The call comes as water levels in Lake Malawi have increased causing cracks to the docking station hence putting people’s lives at risk.

Adamana said finding an alternative docking is a short term solution as the council waits for construction of a reliable port.

“The current port is a death trap and being complacent because we have not experienced any accident is wrong. We better prevent any form of accident,” said Adamana.

Deputy Director responsible for ports in the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, Joseph Banda, said the ministry has scheduled a meeting with concessionaire of the port, MOTA Engil to map the way forward to safeguard lives of users at the jetty.

Banda has however, admitted that people’s safety could be jeopardised if MOTA Engil and other operators continue using the facility to dock MV Illala and other vessels.

Public Relations Manager for the Malawi Shipping Company which is operated by MOTA Engil, Thomas Chafunya, has asked marine transport users to relax as the company is putting all necessary measures to ensure people’s safety.

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