By Leah Malimbasa MANA

Police in Chikwawa have arrested two people for allegedly stealing a seven days old baby.

According to Chikwawa Police Public Relations Officer, Dickson Matemba, the suspects have been identified as Mavuto Smart 33, from Million village in the area of Traditional Authority Tengani (TA) in Nsanje and Eliza Thendo 20, from Thendo village, in TA Masache in Chikwawa.

Dickson Matemba, PRO Chikwawa police

“The incident occurred on March 7, 2023 at Million village in the boundary of Chikwawa and Nsanje districts where the mother of the baby was taking a shower and left the baby in the house.

“However when she returned she discovered that the baby was missing which prompted her to inform her husband who reported the matter to Thendo Police Unit,” explained Matemba.

According to Matemba, this prompted police officers to institute investigations which led to the arrest of Thendo who was holding the baby.

Matemba said after being interviewed Thendo explained that the baby was brought to her by her boyfriend, Smart.

The two will be taken to court soon to answer a charge of child stealing which is contrary to section 167 of the penal code.

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