By James Mwale MANA

Ntchisi District Commissioner (DC) Lusizi Nhlane has ordered vendors plying trade along the streets to relocate to established markets, saying their current place of business is source of unhygienic practices leading to increase in cholera and other waterborne diseases.

The DC made the call Wednesday at the district’s trading centre after a clean-up exercise which was conducted at the district hospital, the main trading and Malomo trading centres as part of the Presidential Tithetse Cholera Campaign.

Nhlane said that roadside vending is against the Council’s regulations, and he gave the vendors one day to move to the official designated markets, telling them the police officers will take charge afterwards to ensure the order has been adhered to.

He also warned shop owners along the trading centre against letting out places outside their shops to vendors, saying this would make the shop owners accomplices against the order.

Apart from the clean-up exercise which involved traditional leaders, members of the District Executive Committee, workers at the District Hospital and some concerned market users, the day’s activities also involved inspection of restaurants and drinking joints.

In mid-February this year, government launched the Tithetse Kolera Campaign to curb further spread of the outbreak in all of the country’s districts and reduce fatality rate from 3.2 percent to below one percent.

Ntchisi has since registered a cumulative record of 71 cases with 69 recoveries and two deaths and has had zero new cases in two weeks.

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