By Judgement Katika

Savel Kafwafwa MP

Aplea has gone out to well wishers to assist People from Dedza North with safe and portable water and road development in the consituency.

According to Saide Sale one of the women who reside in mayani village said women and girls are stranded , as fetching water is the biggest challenge that are facing every day .

“We have one borehole and it is in mayani market ,they are long queu and some time women fight each other”

We are falling to balance household chores ,farming and fetch water most of the time we spend hours at the borehole and we are now forced to use water from well of which is not treated” she said

A Motorcycle kabaza operator Nefrani Liwera says another issue that needs to be looked onto is the road network, which is posing as a death trap and negatively affecting business.

“We are forced to increase prices due to bad state of the road and mostly we are breaking road traffic regulations that needs to be followed on the road, overloading and overspreading” added Liwera.

Echoing on the plea parliamentarian for the Area, Savel Kafwafwa acknowledges the problems and says he is asking for assistance from well-wishers since the Local Development Funds are insufficient.

“My constituency is amongst the biggest 5 constituency un fortunately the Malawi electoral commission MEC has increased the boundary’s of my constituency it is too mountain and stony”

My plea is to well wishers and donors to help me especially with tap water as boreholes its spare parts are expensive whenever they is a break down, and Tar- Mac roads because during rainy season roads become impassable.

In Rural Dedza Mayani road is one of the busiest routes since it poses as a short – cut to Salima District.

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