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Dr Chakwera and Dr Chilima during campaign period

In recent years, the office of the vice President has attracted far greater public and scholarly scrutiny than ever had before the Tonse alliance government. One of the curious aspects of this most outlandish office is that every vice President lives with the specter of being dumped when the incumbent seeks re-election.

There is considerable speculation that this fate would befall the vice President of the Republic of Malawi Dr. Saulos Clause Chilima.

Earlier this year, Malawi’s president Dr. Lazarus Mc Cathy Chakwera dissolved his entire cabinet on charges of corruption against three serving ministers. Several ministers and former ministers have already been arrested in connection with this case, in which 53 public officials have been accused of receiving money from Zuneth Sattar between March and October.

Zuneth Sattar

In August, the Financial Times reported that Sattar was under investigation by the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency, Ant Corruption Bureau of Malawi ACB arrested Chilima on the allegation that between March 2021 and October 2021, he received an advantage in the form of money amounting to $ 280,000 and other items from Sattar as a reward.

In June this year, Chakwera stripped off Chilima all powers as vice President after the latter was first named in corruption allegations by ACB. According to Malawi’s constitution, the president can not suspend or remove Chilima because he was an elected official.

The legal experts in Malawi, professor Garton Kamchedzera and the Malawi Law Society sectary are quoted in today’s Nation newspaper saying the decision by the President to withheld powers of the vice President was envisaged.

On January 26,, 2023 Chilima in his official capacity held discussions with the United Nations UN resident coordinator for Malawi Rabecca Adda at his office in capital hill.

Dr Chilima conducting his official duty, whilst on suspetion

In a telephone interview with the honorable minister of information, Moses Kunkuyu told that office of President always communicates to the public when the matter is of national interest and refered this reporter to the office of the vice President.

Moses Kunkuyu, minister of information

Public relations officer at the office of vice president Pilirani Phiri told that what legal experts explained in the Nationa News article is a true reflection of the things on the ground.

Pilirani Phiri, public relations officer , office of vice President

In America of the 15 vice presidents who went on to become president, eight succeeded to the office on the death of the president, and 4 of these were later elected as presidents.

In 2020 ,Dr Chilima partnered with Dr Chakwera to win the presidential election re- run sweeping to the victory.

Official signing ceremony of Tonse Alliance

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