By Leah Malimbasa MANA

Minister of Education Madalitso Kambauwa Wirima has commended United Nations Children Fund (Unicef) and the Royal Norwergian Embassy for the role they are playing in making sure that learners who were affected by Cyclone Freddy are back in school.

Wirima was speaking at Kalima Primary School in Chikwawa where Unicef donated school supplies including schoolbags, notebooks, pens and rulers to 800 learners at the school.

She said education is key to success for every child as such even after experiencing disasters, parents and stakeholders should encourage and support children back to school.

“These children were affected by the Cyclone and Unicef has assisted us with starter-packs so that as we are asking our children to go back to school they should have learning materials as their future rely on education,” said Wirima.

The minister further made a plea that all partners should provide support that is resilient to the shocks that Malawi is experiencing including Cholera and cyclones.

In his remarks, Unicef Deputy Representative for Programmes, Gerrit Marritz concurred with Wirima on the need to provide resilient and long term support.

“Depending on availability of resources and capacity, Unicef will work on long term interventions since we want to reduce school dropouts significantly,” said Marritz.

A total of 12, 000 learners from 15 schools in Chikwawa have benefited from the campaign with each school getting 800 units of school supplies.

One of the learners from Kalima Primary School Alinafe Mapolisa commended Unicef for the donation which she said will greatly contribute to her academic journey.

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