By Steve Godfrey Mkweteza

Malawi Engineering Institution(MEI) says the development of the strategic plan will help to bring about sanity and efficiency in the local engineering industry for the next five years.

Speaking in an interview during a stakeholders strategic planning consultative meeting in Blantyre, registrar and chief executive officer for the institution Aurthur Wengawenga noted enormous gaps that have engulfed the engineering sector in the absence of the plan.

Arthur Wengawenga

” We therefore, want to bring about sanity and efficiency in the industry, hence, the development of the strategic plan that will also guilde our activities,” says Wenga Wenga.

He added that engineering is a dynamic industry that calls for the players to set new targets and uphold professionalism to better themselves.

Wengawenga says the strategic plan will also help promote the industry to be competitive on both local and global market.

” As a regulator of engineering practices we have a critical role to play in ensuring that players are meeting’s or consistently following the rules and regulations to monitor high quality services that will be competitive on the international market, therefore this document will help to guide us achieve this,” he said

Wengawenga noted that over the past years, the institution has not poor workmanship that left a lot to be desired, a development which he said has brought bad image for the institution.

” For example, we have recently witnessed stractures being destroyed by catastrophes such as cylones because of poor workmanships and poor quality of standards,” he said

The CEO said the meeting was convened to solicit views on inputs into the document.

According to Wengawenga, the strategic plan will be the first of it’s kind for the institution since it’s formation and that it will be designed to run from za nili 2024 to 2029
Malawi engineering institution( MEI) was formed in 2021 to among other activities, to regulate the engineers in the country.

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