By George Mponda

Speaker of the Malawi National Assembly, Catherine Gotani Hara, has urged entrepreneurs in the country to use various digital platforms to market their goods and services.

Hara said this on Friday at Mzuzu Shopping Mall grounds where she was the guest of honor at the second edition of the Biz Market Expo which was organised by Mzuzu e-hub under the Bizcubation programme.

She said: “Digital platforms are changing how entrepreneurs, especially young people find and do their business as well as how small enterprises and farmers connect with markets.

“Due to the current economic situation, it is not easy for young entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive; therefore, it is important for them to use digital technology, as they are more tech savvy in terms of how they maneuver these platforms inorder to sustain their business.”

Hara added that instead of wasting time posting trivial things on social media, entrepreneurs should use these platforms to dispaly goods and services they offer, saying in so doing they will be able to reach a lot of customers worldwide.

In a separate interview, Beatrice Kachepa, ICT partnership analyst for Digital Malawi Project , said incorporation of technology in businesses is key to ensuring that Malawi achieves its 2063 goal of being a self reliant nation through provision of intergrated ICT, digital systems and life enhancing services.

“To this end, the Government of Malawi with World Bank funding awarded grants to nine technology hubs: Mzuzu e-hub, TakenoLab, DzukaAfrica, Ntha Foundation, Rydberg starck Limited, GreenImpact Technologies, NxtGen, Computer Clinic and mHub, to implement digital skills and entrepreneurship development activities,” Kachepa said.

She elaborated that each hub was awarded $250 000 and, so far, over 12,000 youths, women and the elderly have been capacitated in digital skills and entrepreneurship and it is under this initiative that Mzuzu e-hub had organized the expo.

On her part, founder and Managing Director of Mzuzu e-hub, Wangiwe Kambuzi, hailed government for giving them the grant which she said is being used to empower young Malawian entrepreneurs.

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