By Judgement Katika in Lilongwe

Officials during the effient led tubes sensation

Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi (ESCOM) has introduce the new led tube bulbs with the aim of minimising the levels of load shedding in the country.

Speaking during the energy efficient lighting led tubes project sensitisation meeting with industrial and commercial customers on Wednesday in Lilongwe,ESCOM Senior manager, commercial and customer service Wiseman Kabwazi said the led tube are targeting industrial and commercial customers with the aim of minimising electricity consumption so that they can have additional electricity that can be used in the country.

Kabwazi said they have put alot of control measures in place to make sure that the tube will go to deserving people that can utilise for a purpose.

He said :” I indicated in my discussion today, we will be visiting the installation for the customers who will buy this bulb to see that they have already been installed and other measure is that customer who want to purchase this bulb they have to provide information about their meter number, where they stay because we will also be following up to check where those tubes have gone and we will be monitored them.”

On his remark Sunbird plc maintenance manager Patric Kaliu said the meeting has been benefiting his institution because they have been introduced to new technology interms of lighting which ESCOM has come with energy efficient tube which the industries will be using to reduce demand.

Kaliu added that consumption will be affected positively because the tubes which have been introduced are going to have a low demand interms of usage which will make the industries to experience low bills interms of consumption and also the industries will benefit because the consumption will be very low.

The energy efficient lighting tube project will cater nine hundred companies including shops, warehouses and garages almost 40,000 thousand customers will benefit from the project.

The sensitisation meeting brought together industries and commercial customers representative from Sunbird hotel, Limbe Leaf Tobacco Company, Japanese Tobacco international (JTI) Mango industry among others.

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