By Emily Kamisa MANA

Faith communities in Mzuzu have appealed to President Dr Lazarus Chakwera to stand against legalisation of same sex marriages.

Leaders of Muslim and Christian communities made the call Thursday in Mzuzu when they presented a petition against same sex marriages after conducting peaceful demonstrations from Katoto Ground in Mzuzu City.

Speaking on behalf of the faith community, Vice Chairperson of Malawi Council of Churches, who is also General Secretary of the Synod of Livingstonia, Rev. William Tembo said the country’s faithful community is against same sex marriages.

“We cannot be influenced by donors to accept same sex marriages. Strange issues like homosexuality are not part of us,” Tembo said.

Rev. Fr Samuel Ng’oma of St Augustine Parish in Mzuzu Catholic Diocese said legalising and practicing same sex marriages is against the country’s cultural and religious values.

“We would like to let government know that, like the people of Uganda, we take a similar position in saying no to same sex marriages.” said Ng’oma.

Sheikh Yusufu Gama, who represented the Muslim Community at the protest march, advised those advancing homosexuality agenda not to be lured by the love of money but to respect the wish of Malawians.

Receiving the petition on behalf of government, Mercy Ghambi who represented District Commissioner for Mzimba District Council, applauded the demonstrators for conducting themselves peacefully and pledged to forward the petition to relevant authorities.

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