By Judgement Katika

The Forum for African Women’s Education in Malawi (FAWEMA) has issued a compelling call to action, urging mother groups across the nation to spearhead the drive for enhanced quality education for girls, the eradication of child labor and violence, the elimination of early marriages, and the reduction of teenage pregnancies.

During a recent training session hosted in the Malingunde zone, Thokozani Phiri, the dedicated project manager of FAWEMA, delivered this message to assembled mother groups, local chiefs, and educators representing 17 schools.

Phiri underscored the pressing need for collaboration between the private sector and the government to bridge the existing educational gap, ensuring that every child in the country has equitable access to a high-quality education, regardless of their geographical location or family background.

Furthermore, Phiri emphasized the pivotal role played by local leaders, particularly chiefs, in mobilizing their communities to prioritize school attendance and discourage early marriages.

FAWEMA has also outlined its intention to partner closely with mother groups, recognizing the indispensable role women play in nurturing children and their firm commitment to inclusivity in education.

Idah Pitala, a dedicated chairperson of a mother group hailing from Malingunde School, expressed her profound gratitude for the training received, which has significantly bolstered her capacity to advocate for children’s education and self-sufficiency.

. Pitala remarked, “Armed with the knowledge we’ve acquired, we stand ready to both provide and seek out resources that will facilitate access to quality education for every child in our village, thereby reducing the incidence of school dropouts.”

In a show of unwavering support, Chief Chibula of Bula village pledged to ensure that his community is brimming with well-educated individuals by providing them with the requisite resources.

Chief Chibula vowed, “I shall guarantee that every parent sends their child to school, and those who enter into early marriages shall not be permitted to partake in development initiatives.”

FAWEMA, an organization with a resolute commitment to empowering girls, remains steadfast in its mission to advance education access for all of Malawi’s children.

Their tireless efforts continue to pave the way toward a brighter, more equitable future for the nation’s youth this project is being funded by Global affairs Canada under the iHEARD project

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