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Point Of Progress (POP) previously known as Network For Youth Development has introduced a board game called Youth Engaged in Adolescent Health (YEAH), aiming at keeping the youth engaged in Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) issues, as one of their exit strategies from ‘Her Future Her Choice’ Project.

Speaking during a two-day training held at Nalikule Teachers Training College on Saturday, Project Officer for POP, Sekanawo Mwatibu said the aim of the training was to orient network youth leaders on the YEAH game.

She said the leaders should train other members in their respective clubs to stay engaged and keep the conversation on SRHR going long after the project was completed.

“We have been implementing Her Future Her Choice project for four years now under which we have conducted a number of activities in order to raise awareness for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights which is one of our pillars.

“Reaching this juncture of the project, we thought of being creative to make sure that we keep the youth engaged hence we came up with YEAH game which was invented by her liberty. We are trying to make the discussions fun, creative and attractive for young people whilst disseminating correct information in a friendly manner,” Mwatibu said.

Lilongwe District Youth Friendly Healthy Services Coordinator, Andrew Mphongolo highlighted the importance of engaging youth in various projects which helps to sustain interventions long after they are gone.

He said adopting a peer to peer approach creates room for a continued implementation.

Andrew Mphongolo

Chairperson for TA Malili Youth Network, Ellen Chimtengo applauded the training saying the YEAH game would help to bring the youth together and provide a link between parents, chiefs and other relevant health personnel whilst providing answers to their questions.

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