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A Mutare man who insists that he wants his l0ver back despite his refusal to get tested for HIV has been hauled to court for disturbing her peace.

This emerged at the Mutare Magistrates Civil Court where Catherine Chimoyo was applying for a protection order against her ex-l0ver, Ernest Musakwe.

Chimoyo said she started dat!ng Musakwe in 2021.

However, during the course of their relationship, Musakwe refused to get tested for HIV.

“I tried to convince him to get tested, but he refused. I got tested and the nurse advised me to come back after three months for re-testing, which I did. I tried to make him understand the need for us to get tested, but he refused and fortunately I tested negative,” said Chimoyo.

She said they continued with their relati0nship, with her insisting on the use of protection.

“I told him that I could not have unpr0tected ƨǝx with him and we agreed to use protection. However, he would always trick me by tearing or removing the c0nd0ms during interc0urse. I would only realise that afterwards.

“This happened on three occasions and I realised that he was totally ignoring what we had agreed on and was making me look stupid. He refused to be tested, so I could not expose my life to danger,” she said.

Chimoyo added that when she visited Musakwe’s house, she discovered some ARVs there.

However, upon confronting him, he denied that they were his.

“I went to his house and I found some ARVs there. I took two of the tablets and showed them to my sister and she told me that they were ARVs. I asked Ernest about them, but he lied that they belonged to his brother,” said Chimoyo.

She said she decided to end the relati0nship at that point.

Despite that, Musakwe has been visiting to harass her.

“I no longer l0ve him. He should move on with his life. The problem is that he visits my house causing scenes each time he comes. I no longer enjoy peace. He shouts that I am refusing to slǝǝp with him, yet he has already infected me with HIV.

“I have lost my neighbours’ respect. At times, I am forced to open the door for him so that my neighbours will not hear what he will be saying. I want him out of my life. He should not visit or call me. I want peace and stability in my life,” said Chimoyo.

In response, Musakwe said he would not contest the granting of the protection order to Chimoyo as it was over between them.

He, however, demanded his clothes back from Chimoyo.

“I want my clothes back. I left my T-shirt and underwǝar there. I also want the comforter that I left at her house, then I will be out of her life for good. The court can grant her the protection order. I know she no longer loves me,” said Musakwe.

However, Chimoyo said the blanket that Musakwe was referring to was a gift he got for her.

“He bought the comforter for me during the course of our relati0nship, so I will not give him. As for the underwǝar, he gave them to me to wear. He said they were no longer comfortable for him as they were too big. I have been wearing them ever since. He can get his T-shirt today from my place,” said Chimoyo.

Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato granted the protection order in Chimoyo’s favour.

The order bars Musakwe from visiting her house and her workplace.

The protection order is valid for two years.

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