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The Italian Serie A women’s football 2022/2023 League golden boot winner Tabitha Chawinga has urged fellow footballers to work hard to achieve their goals.

She made the remarks on Thursday at Bingu International Convection Centre in Lilongwe during a press conference after her arrival from Italy.

Chawinga stressed the need to encourage local women’s football by honoring achievements such as top goal scorer as is the case in the men’s sport.

She also hailed 2023 FAM Women’s Football League Champions, Ntopwa FC and runners up, Ascent Academy for their exploits during the women’s national championship.

“I encourage the ladies to work hard to improve their talent because the future is bright. It is this same league that enabled me to go to Sweden, China and Italy – all because of hard work.”

“Women’s football does not have enough press coverage therefore I urge the media to write more on it as European teams often check for Malawian football on the internet with nothing to follow up on,” she said.

Chawinga outlined the need for parents to enable kids to play sports and develop various skills after school and implored sponsors to invest in the women’s game.

President of National Women’s Football of Malawi Adelaide Migogo hailed Chawinga for her milestone and encouraged footballers to emulate her.

“This is proof that women’s football has potential. We therefore ask companies and government to assist us with sponsorship so that we produce more players of Tabitha’s caliber in the process enhancing competition,” Migogo said.

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