By Chisomo Phiri

A fast-rising gospel singer Gloria Macheka is today dropping another gospel song titled’ Chikondi Cha Yesu’.

The song is both in audio and video form.

In an interview, Macheka explained that the new song is talking more about the unconditional love that Jesus Christ has for everyone.

“My new song is dedicated to spread the message of love that Jesus Christ has on us his people.

“There is no true love besides the love of Jesus. The Jesus love surpasses all.

“The world is full of fake love. You can have friends or family whom you think are true, but they dessert you in difficult times. Only the love of Jesus is unconditional,” explained Macheka.

She said the song has been produced at one of the Blantyre’s best music studios Don Foxxy records in Chirimba.

Asked on what her fans should expect this year, the female gospel singer said: ” There are a lot of good music projects this year. Currently, I am about to shoot two more videos, one in July and the other one in October. So, yes, they should expect more good things from me as their beloved female artist.”

She then urged her fellow gospel musicians in the country to obey God and always be humble in whatsoever they are doing.

“To my fellow gospel singers, let us always be truthful before the Lord and be humble,” she urged.

Macheka started composing and singing her own gospel songs back away when she was in Sunday School.

She is currently working on an album which has 10 gospel songs.

She is inspired by Minister Victoria Orenze from Nigeria and Jerkalyn carr from United States of America ( USA).

The singer is well known to many by her songs such as Moyo watsopano,Ambuye ndiwabwino and Batumeyo.

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