Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima says government is working tirelessly to decongest camps where people affected by Tropical Cyclone Freddy are staying.

He was speaking Saturday at Likangala Primary School in Zomba where he cheered the affected and presented bags of maize to the camp.

He said camps are not an ideal place for people to stay longer hence the need to step up efforts for decongestion.

“Every person needs peace and privacy which is not available in camps. Government is not willing to keep people in the camps as such we are working on modalities on how best we can do it,” he said.

The Vice President, who promised government’s total support to the affected households, encouraged the people to have faith and believe that God saved them from the disaster for a purpose although they are facing challenges.

Chilima, therefore, said the country needs to implement efforts that would address natural occurrences.

He cited dredging rivers, forest restoration and constructing strong houses as some of the measures that would assist in averting some of the natural occurrences affecting the country.

District Commissioner for Zomba, Reinghard Chavula hailed Chilima for visiting the affected, saying when leaders visit the affected in persons, it gives them hope and a sigh of relief.

In his first trip, Dr Chilima visited Zomba Chingale Constituency where he also cheered those affected and offered word of hope.

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