By George Bulombola MANA

Grand Palace Hotel, Tuesday donated K5 million to Duncan Zgambo alias Gwamba who is scheduled to hold Gwamba Unlimited Concert on August 26 at Mzuzu Stadium.

Speaking after the presentation ceremony of a dummy cheque to Gwamba, Sales and Marketing Manager for Grand Palace Hotel, Gregory Maulana said that it was the wish of the hotel’s management to see young and upcoming artists developing hence the donation.

“We want through Gwamba Unlimited Concert to uplift talents of young and upcoming artists from the northern region. Gwamba has a large following of people from all walks of life across the country who love his music and come Friday, most of them would like to have services such as accommodation and food and we are ready to provide such needs,” said Maulana.

He added that the hotel and Gwamba are in long partnership and pledged that the hotel will continue supporting Gwamba for young and upcoming artists to achieve their potential.

Receiving the dummy cheque, Gwamba said that he was privileged and humble to get financial assistance from the hotel.

“Not many Malawian business operators are interested in supporting Malawian artists, but Grand Palace Hotel is an exception. This is not the first time that the hotel has assisted me and this demonstrates that they have a passion in the development of artists,” said Gwamba.

He said that he will use the money to prepare for the concert adding that such events are expensive and need huge investment, hence commended the hotel for the donation.

Commenting on the concert, Gwamba said that it will be more than a show but an experience and he will perform with almost 30 artists drawn from the north.

“In the past, I used to get young and upcoming artists from Blantyre and Lilongwe but this time is for those from the north,” he said.

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