By George Mponda

A group calling itself ‘Team Walter’ has said anyone who wants the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) presidency should rather field their candidate than hold demonstrations.

The development comes barely a few days after concerned citizens in Lilongwe and Mzuzu held demonstrations, demanding the resignation of the incumbent FAM President Walter Nyamilandu Manda within 30 days.

Speaking during a press conference in Mzuzu on Thursday, leader of the group, Chilipo Okeke Kapanda, said Nyamilandu is free to contest in the elections which will be held on December 16 this year.

“We saw some people holding demonsrations yesterday, saying Nyamilandu should not contest in the elections which will be held in December and we are surpised because it is very clear that the laws allow him to stand which is his democratic right.

“We are here to say we want Walter to contest and if others are eyeing the presidency, let them come forth and stand against him instead of taking to the streets, making demands which are unreasonable,” Kapanda said.

He said Nyamilandu is the right candidate to contest, as he has contributed a lot to the country’s football, as far as the history of Malawian football is concerned.

“We have seen the construction of Mpira House, Luwinga Technical College which will be opened anytime soon, Nsanje Stadium.There are also several competitions under his leadership like Castel Ibongetse Cup, FDH Cup, Airtel Top 8 and even sponsorships for district regional leagues,” he explained.

On Wednesday, a group calling itself Concerned Citizens in Mzuzu delivered a petition to Mzimba North District Council in which, among other things, they demanded the resignation of Nyamilandu within 30 days.

Speaking after delivering the petition, the group’s chairperson Mervin Nxumayo said Nyamilandu has overstayed and there is need for change.

Nxumayo’s group also accused Nyamilandu of sidelining the northern region in sports infrastructure development, citing the case of the unfinished Luwinga Technical Development Centre.

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