By Andrew Mwanandiye Tembo

Minister of Finance Honourable Sosten Gwengwe has urged Malawi Revenue Authority(MRA) and other concerned stakeholders to hold hands in mapping better revenue collections.

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Speaking on Tuesday during a public lecture organized by Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences(MUBAS) said:”At least 94 percent of vehicle owners pay taxes unlike others.

Sosten Gwengwe min of finance

As such,we need to hold hands as the government is trying its best to integrate domestic and customs for a better revenue collections.”

Gwengwe further disclosed that the current statistics of those registered on Value Added Tax(VAT)in the country stands at 12,200 and only 14 percent fulfill the payment,a condition he discribed as worrisome in as far as Sab-Saharan Africa is concerned.

On her part ,Vice Chancellor for Mubas, Nancy Chitera commended the Minister for the timely guidance on economic strategies as their students were acquired extra knowledge therein hence will help in economic growth of the nation, in different ways.

Nancy Chitera MUBAS vice chancellor

Representing Malawi Revenue Authority, spokes person for MRA, Steven Kapoloma said thay are still in search of additional means to supplement the ones in function.

Currently, MRA has a pending program of Msonkho on line and a toll Free hot line 672 in operational and it is where public are reporting fool plays in regard to taxes ,which the minister recommended.

The lecture was conducted under the topic”Leveraging on Digitalization to boost Domestic Budget Revenue “.

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