By Cyrus Bengo

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Godly mothers stand on the wings of the spirit. They are intercessors. They are deep wells of wisdom. They provide courage and inspiration to their families. They are rare to find in our generation, but still exist in various climes, although in small numbers.

You can be part of this elite group of kingdom stalwarts, mothers with the eyes of the spirit and the strength of eagles. Any man with these kind of mother, either as a wife or parent, is truly blessed by God.

Teamplus TV wishes all Godly mother’s happy day

History is replete with the exploits of great mothers, and mothers-in-law, who blazed the trail and set the pace for the advancement of God’s kingdom. At the root of godly motherhood is godly womanhood. Carnal womanhood rarely translates to godly motherhood. That is the path of influence and impact in the kingdom of God. Every woman must desire to be kingdom-minded; it is a guaranteed path to godly motherhood.

As we celebrate Mothers’ Day today, it is imperative for all of us who have benefited from the values and virtues of kingdom mothers to venerate their memory. You will hardly find any great man in God’s kingdom whose roots were not hooked to the sacrifices of their mothers. History tells us about the incredible impacts of John and Charles Wesley in the revival that swept through England.

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