By Andrew Mwanandiye Tembo

Hope Counselling and Recreation Center(Hopecrec) has commended government that the suicide attemptees should be undergoing mental health counselling rather than arresting them.

Speaking during a public discussion meeting on mental health solutions in Blantyre, mental health counselor, Sir Walker Gondwe commended the police in the country for allowing who attempts to commit suicide not to be arrested but instead sent for special mental counselling.

Walker Gondwe, a mental health counselor

“I thank government for not arresting the suicidal attempt but they advice them to go for mental health counselling, and this have created a mile for us as mental health counselors as Hopecrec through the initiative “In the shoes of men”.Said Gondwe.

Voice of Gondwe

The initiative teaches the public on how they can continue leaving a postive life after experiencing different challenges in life and hence reduce suicidal mindsets, which comes as a result of depression.

Gondwe further said 80 present of men in the country commit suicide due to depressions ,hence the training serves as a solution.

In a testimonial comment, Yamikani Nakanga a Lilongwe base who once was filled with suicidal thoughts and attempted to commit suicide but later survived ,said was saved after meeting Hopecrec in the initiative for counselling and is currently living a happy life.

Yamikani Nakanga , survivor

” I once tried to hang myself on a lope for 4 times,but I now survive after I met Hopecrec /in the shoes of men ,and I got the counselling now a live ,I thank God for this” He said.

Voice of Yamikani

And in summing up all ,a former primary school head teacher Madam Grace Kananza advised people to have hope by believing in God and develop a hard working spirit.

Grace Kananza X teacher

“Christ Jesus changes life,believe in God and depend on him ,be a hardworker, and live you will live a happy life,I am a widow and I retired from my work, but I live a better life” said mama Kananza with citations of verses.

Voice of Grace Kananza

Hopecrec through “in the Shoes of men” initiative is a nonprofitable a Malawian Christian base organization that promotes discussions on mental health related issues by sharing of challenges faced by people within communities and reduce suicide in the country.

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