By Justice Banda MANA

The Government of Japan, through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on Friday launched a K2 billion project under the Japanese Supplementary Budget (JSB), aimed at sustaining climate change resilience, peace and better livelihoods as enabler factors in Malawi’s pursuit of economic growth and development.

The project kick started in March this year and is expected to run for 12 months until March 2024.

Speaking during the launch, Japanese Ambassador to Malawi, Youichi Oya said the donation has been made to facilitate resilience against climate change, peaceful co-existence and economic empowerment of various Malawians.

“One way through which Malawi can achieve its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is through peaceful co-existence, economic empowerment among its people, and fostering climate change resilience. My government has, therefore, thought it wise to provide this financial support to achieve the same,” Oya said.

UNDP Resident Representative, Shigeki Komatsubara said the project promises a lot in reducing all forms of conflicts that threatens Malawi’s economic development.

“Through National Peace Architecture under this project, UNDP has been supporting Malawi’s efforts in monitoring violence and conflicts for early warning and stabilising social economic tensions,” he said.

Deputy Minister of Local Government, Unity and Culture, Owen Chomanika hailed government of Japan for its commitment in pushing Malawi for greater goodness.

He said the donation has come at a right time considering various climate change induced disasters and problems the country has been enduring.

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